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Connected Customer Experience

Transparency Is A Virtue In Business

Author Michael R Blumberg on Nov-15-2019

This blog post was written by Sam Klaidman, Founder and Principal Adviser at Middlesex Consulting. He helps clients grow Service Revenue and Customer Satisfaction by defining service contracts and other services that meet customer’s needs and create value for them and their customers.

When we talk about customer satisfaction, we eventually arrive at talking about how experiences compare to expectations.  The more the two are aligned, the more satisfied and trusting your customers feel. 

On the other hand, we like to work with companies who “empower” their employees to take care of the customer.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it turns out really badly for either the customer or the business. 

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4 Reasons Why Companies Fail at Spare Parts Management (and a Solution to Overcome Them)

Author Michael R Blumberg on Oct-30-2019

I recently attended the Service World Expo Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV.  During the event, I spoke to several service providers about issues they are having with spare parts management.  For many companies, this function is one of the most challenging parts (no pun intended) of their business.  The typical problems they experience include:

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Maximize Service Profitability Through Service Lifecycle Management

Author Michael R Blumberg on Oct-14-2019


Aftermarket Service can generate 45% or more of total corporate revenue and 30% or more of total corporate profits. To achieve these results, field service leaders must focus on revenue growth. This is, of course, dependent on the ability of manufacturers to execute on their business strategy and deliver results. This is where a good Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) infrastructure can help.

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