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Prescription for Automotive Industry: Improve Quality & Optimize Supplier Warranty Management with State of The Art Solution

Author Michael R Blumberg on Jun-10-2019

Are you frustrated with your access to warranty information? 

Is EXCEL your “go to” tool for warranty analysis?

Do you have a “warranty management process” or are you just chasing OEM provided numbers? 

If you don’t like the way you had to answer any of these questions, you’ll want to join us for this informational webinar! 

Automotive Industry Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Parts Suppliers often face challenges to resolving quality issues in a timely manner. The underlying root cause is that they lack the systems to effectively communicate and collaborate with all participants in the warranty chain. As a result, they may experience the following:

  • Long cycle times for quality improvement,
  • Higher incidents of No Trouble Found (NTF/NFF), and
  • Inefficient and error-prone warranty processes.

Further exasperating this problem is the fact Automotive Suppliers are under increased pressure from OEMs to take more financial responsibility for Warranty cost versus finding ways to collaborate to improve quality.  In addition, Suppliers must deal with multiple OEMs portals, Warranty systems and data formats making claims processing a time consuming and cumbersome task. It might take weeks or months to respond to emerging issues.  Furthermore, relying on Warranty data alone is inadequate to identify Quality issues and develop corrective action plans.

Historically, Suppliers have attempted to resolve these systemic issues in one of several ones.  First, they may simply ignore the problem on the basis that the number of quality issues they are observing is very low;  opting instead to rely on disparate systems currently in place.  Second, they may attempt to resolve the problem by customizing their ERP solution to capture better Quality data which can be quite costly and time consuming to implement.    Third, they rely on ad-hoc and manual processes consisting of Excel spreadsheets and emails which is inefficient at best.

Suppliers can overcome these challenges by implementing a single, consolidated warranty system that is integrated with all OEMs and their distributor/dealer networks.  The ideal system incorporates industry best practices with respect to Warranty and Quality Management.  

This system provides a platform that enables a simple and integrated Exchange of Warranty Data between OEMs and Suppliers.  As a result, these industry participants gain new capabilities to efficiently process claim and returns, share Warranty Analytics and insights, and collaborate on Quality improvement and corrective action projects.   In turn, OEMs and Suppliers can shorten Detection to Correction (DTC) cycle and help OEMs improve Supply Recovery rate.

To learn more, Join your fellow Warranty and Quality Management professionals from Top 100 Automotive Suppliers in a live interactive webinar hosted by Mize in partnership with Tech Mahindra with with the leading Automotive experts for a presentation best practices to optimize Supplier Warranty Management.

Webinar Topic:  Best Practices to Streamline Supplier Warranty Management

Date & Time:  June 11, 2019 at 1 PM EDT/12 PM CDT

Presenters:  Michael Roberts, President MR Insights, LLC

Eric Marlan, Senior Product Manager, Mize

Moderated By:  Alan Horne, Business Manager - Automotive Industry at Mize

Watch Webinar Recording

During this Webinar presented by leading Industry experts, you will learn about:

  • Simplifying and standardizing the data exchange between OEMs and Suppliers
  • Streamlining Parts Returns and Inspection processes
  • Best practices to reduce No Trouble Found (NTF) and Claim rejection rates
  • Tracking corrective actions to drive Quality improvements
  • Implementing systems to improve efficiencies, and reduce costs

As special bonus for attending, you will receive an executive summary of our recent study titled:  Benchmark Assessment of Supplier Warranty Management Best Practices

Watch Webinar Recording

About the Presenters:


Mike is the President of MR Insights, where he helps to drive change within manufacturers and suppliers who are frustrated with their current warranty operations and processes.   Prior to founding MR Insights, Mike worked for Ford Motor Company for over 33 years until he elected to retire in 2015. During his tenure at Ford,  he served as  Global Warranty Strategy Manager and the business lead supporting Ford’s initiative to modernize, globalize and standardize their warranty transactional systems and processes.


Eric Marlan is a Senior Product Manager with Mize and is responsible for developing product roadmap for Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox for Registration, Warranty, Parts , Returns, Service Plans, Support, Field Service, and Knowledge. Eric has extensive experience working with many global manufacturers to implement software solutions for optimizing Warranty Management, Spare Parts Management, Field Service Management, and Service Contracts Management.


Topics: Best practices, supply chain, Supplier recovery rate, Supplier Warranty Management

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