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Nancy Defilippis

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Transform Your Customer Experience with Mobile

Author Nancy Defilippis on Nov-2-2015

Mobile allows for a richer and more personal Customer Experience in today’s market.  Mobility use has enabled consumers to carry the Internet in their pocket anyplace and anytime, while having control and being informed, more social than ever before. Businesses have an exclusive opportunity to stand out, and pull ahead of their competitors, by discovering that mobile devices are not only tools to drive innovation but an environment that can transform customer and employee experiences.

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The Importance of InboundMarketing

Author Nancy Defilippis on Oct-5-2015

Marketing departments are continuously evolving their marketing mix towards inbound marketing. It takes a variety of skills to get it right and have a supporting team that can deliver.
Times have changed in Marketing as a whole from what traditional marketing use to be.

Below are the types of people and skills needed for a great inbound marketing team.

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Improving Your Customer Loyalty and Relationship in 5 Simple Steps

Author Nancy Defilippis on Aug-27-2015

Existing customers are the essence of companies. Lately, marketers have been spending more time on current customers - revamping what customer services really mean. Capitalizing more in customer relationship management (CRM) systems and improving communication with their customers.

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To Mobile or Not to Mobile

Author Nancy Defilippis on Jul-15-2015

The world of Internet surfing has expanded over the years. The days of needing a big lumpy PC are far behind us and the Internet has moved from just being at the desk to being in every part of our lives. Internet access has stretched dramatically, with Wi-Fi, and 4G being accessible from 

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Mobile Marketing - Growing beyond what we all imagined

Author Nancy Defilippis on May-27-2015

Did you know “4 in every 5 smartphone users – 96 million in total – accessed content on their device in April 2015” alone. Amazon, which came in as the top retailer with an audience of 59.6 million visitors. Following Amazon were, Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy in terms of smartphone visitors.

With nearly 96 million Americans alone, now shopping on their smartphones, this pronounced shift in behavior is simply too large for people to ignore, with the future of their business depending on how well they adapt to the new environment.”
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Never Underestimate the Power of Content Marketing

Author Nancy Defilippis on Apr-7-2015

Content marketing, is the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, obtain and involve your readers, and customers. As audiences began to join more niche networks and demand a higher level of interaction with brands online, creating relevant and valuable content that could be shared and consumed across multiple platforms became the number one objective for brands and businesses.

We can expect to see new content marketing trends emerge and continue to grow – creating an even more dynamic online marketplace.

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