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Michael R Blumberg

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COVID-19 Update: Mitigating Service Parts Supply Chain Disruptions

Author Michael R Blumberg on Apr-6-2020

This guest blog was written by Ted Fellowes, President of Fellowes Research.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a black swan that is taking a toll on society. While our first concern is for the health of family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and everyone everywhere – ‘sheltering in place’ is providing many of us with the spare time to consider this crisis from the perspective of own industries and professions.  I have been asked a few times in recent days for my thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on  Service Parts Management (SPM) is and how improvements to and investments in SPM solutions may improve our current situation and prepare us for the next disruption.

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COVID-19 Update: Six Ways Manufacturers Can Adapt Their  Aftermarket Service Business

Author Michael R Blumberg on Apr-1-2020


There is no escaping the threat of the Coronavirus as it hits communities across the globe.  It seems that no one is immune to it, not even the Aftermarket Service Industry.

Business leaders and managers will need to do everything they can to get through this current crisis.  While we might have the knee jerk reaction to throw our hands up in the air and proclaim, "we've never seen anything like this before," the truth is we have the means and ability to respond. 

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PODCAST: Digital Transformation with Michael Blumberg

Author Michael R Blumberg on Mar-23-2020

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Will your Field Service Engineers become Rock Stars in 2020?

Author Michael R Blumberg on Feb-11-2020

This article originally appeared on January 28, 2020, in the online edition of Field Service News

In parallel to the Servitization trend that is occurring within Field Service is a growing desire among Field Service Organization to deliver proactive service.  This can be achieved by either attempting to dispatch a technician to resolve a problem before the customer even knows about it or by attempting to resolve or prevent the problem occurring in the first place using remote support tools.  Fortunately, Field Service Organizations have been able to turn to an ever-growing set of tools and technology to help them achieve this desired state.  From Dynamic Scheduling to Spare Parts Optimization, to AI tool, these technologies have focused on helping FSOs organizations deliver proactive service and optimize their business.

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Critical Success Factors for Global Warranty Implementation

Author Michael R Blumberg on Feb-5-2020

Recently, Mize hosted a webinar titled Reduce Warranty Costs by 15% in the First Year.  The webinar featured a case study by Vance Thomas, Corporate Warranty Manager of LP Corporation. Mr. Thomas’ presentation addressed challenges his company faced with respect to utilizing a legacy warranty management system to support products sold within the Building Products industry.  He also discussed the transformational journey his company took to replace the legacy system with a new solution from Mize which resulted in a 15% reduction in warranty claims processing costs with the first year. 

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Warranty Transformation: From Legacy System to 15% Costs Savings in the 1st Year

Author Michael R Blumberg on Jan-28-2020

If you work for a global manufacturer of durable equipment, then it is likely that your company still operates a legacy system for warranty management. Legacy systems are costly to maintain and modify.  Since there are very few people inside the organization who remember how the system works, your company must employ people with specialized knowledge of the system.  At issue, these people are usually focused only on the task of system maintenance and may provide little value to the company beyond this task.    

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